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P.O. Box 354, Cohoes NY 12047
Federation year: July 1st through June 30th

The purpose of this organization as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation shall Be: 

  1. To create an awareness of the culture and heritage of North American French
  2. To foster expressions of this heritage among Franco-Americans
  3. To promote the use of the North American French language and
  4. To promote communication with other French-speaking peoples.                                                      

Membership in the Federation is open to all family households, groups and organizations subscribing to the purpose of this corporate organization and wishing to further its work.
Name         ______________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________
City      _______________________________   State ___________________   Zip _____________
Phone  (      ) ___________________________  E-mail ____________________________________

Annual dues $18 Family (spouses and children living at above address/ organization)  or     $15 Individual/Senior citizen

Do you: (circle what applies)
Read French                       understand French                       speak French                           write French

Interests: (circle what applies)                                                                                                                                                                     Social programs           Children’s programs         Table française (dining and practicing or learning French)             Language classes                     Travel                              Music                      Dance                                         Helping at events                      Genealogy                        Film                        Writing for newsletter

“Franco News/Nouvelles Francos”, our newsletter, is published ten (10) times a year.






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